Manijeh & Co.  Skin Care and Permanent Cosmetics

Relaxing Facial

Relaxing Facial  (all skin types)    $75  / $85 (24 Karat Gold Collagen)

Relax and enjoy this soothing and hydrating facial with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the skin, neck, and shoulders. Then top it off with the Masque “Rade” of your choice.  Pick one from below.

        Cryogenic (ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin)

        Bilberry Modeling (ideal for all skin types, anti-aging)

        Cocoa Heating Mask (stimulating/rejuvenating)

       Cherry Mask (hyperpigmentation)

       Kiwi Fruit Mask (acne prone skin)

       Tomato Mask (anti-oxidant, dry, and all skin types)

       Luxurious 24 Karat Gold Collagen Mask (all, hyperpigmentation, aging skin)


Add Thermasoft Moisturizing Heat Therapy for your hands ($14), your feet ($18), or both ($30).


Please allow 50 minutes


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