Manijeh & Co.  Skin Care and Permanent Cosmetics



Please be sure to mention if you are currently using any exfoliating topical treatments or medication that could interfere with your waxing (i.e. Retin A).


Full Face                                            $45/15 min

Full Face and Neck Line          $55/30 min

Lip/Cheek/Chin                        $12/5 min

Brow Design                                  $22/15 min

Brow Design (men)                     $15/15 min

Ear                                                        $15/10 min

Nostrils                                               $10/10 min

Full Leg                                              $75 and up/45 min

Full Leg (men)                                 $85/30

Half Leg                                            $45/15 min

Full Back (men)                              $55 and up

Full Chest (men)                            $45 and up

Abdomen (women)                      $25/15 min

Buttocks                                           $30/15 min

Arm                                                       $45 and up/15 min

Bikini                                                    $45 and up/15 min

Brazilian                                             $75/20 min

Brazilian (men)                                $85 and up/30 min

Underarm                                         from $25/10 min

Full Body (women)                     $220 and up/120 min

Full Body (men)                            $280 and up/120 min


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